I’m glad you’re here and I look forward to joining you in your journey of discovering your musical talents and developing your skills as a musician. I am a trained pianist, professional opera singer, and currently sing with U.S opera companies, symphonies, and arts organizations. My musical journey began with studying classical piano from the age of eight and throughout college. I have performed as a piano soloist, vocal soloist, and also in a rock band where I played contemporary piano and sang lead vocals. After graduating college with a Bachelor of Arts in Music with a focus in piano and voice, I became the director of a conservatory of grades k-12. After a few years, I pursued a masters in vocal performance from the University of Miami. Following the completion of my masters degree, I moved to Boston to perform with the Boston University Opera Institute for 2 years. My career in music has lead me to perform with professional music organizations throughout the United States. I have had the privilege of performing in arenas with over 3 thousand patrons and intimate spaces of just under 100 patrons. I believe that with my experience in performing and my extensive training in music, I am able to give my students the tools necessary to learn a proper technique of their instrument in any repertoire while still enjoying their craft for what it is: a beautiful intangible art form.

Why I Teach

Broadly, I teach because I love it. Specifically, it is an amazing feeling to see my students’ progress. It is humbling and encouraging to see my students discover what they’re capable of when the correct technique is taught and the body and mind are able to work together. Many of my incoming students have come with tension and confusion from previously taught ill-informed techniques. Once we they are taught to use their bodies in the most efficient way, it is like a light bulb turns on. I live for those moments! It is equally special to have a student without any previous experience. To see a child’s own fears be conquered after playing a scale or an adult student discovering a vocal range they did not know existed is a great reward for me. For more information on my teaching philosophy : CLICK HERE.

Below you’ll find detailed information about your lessons:

  • First consultation lesson will always be half priced and no commitment is necessary.

  • We will work together to evaluate your goals and design a curriculum for your specific needs

  • Choose the repertoire and style you’re interested in working on

  • Music Theory and Sight Reading can also be incorporated in your lessons

  • We will work together to get you ready to perform in public if that is what you desire!

  • Learn to write your own songs and play them on the piano


In Studio Lessons

  • Student will travel to teacher

  • Receive in-person instruction where you are rest assured to have a calm space equipped with all you need to make music

  • Voice, piano, and songwriting lessons available

  • For pricing and other details please send an email to zdrperformingartsstudio@gmail.com or text/call (786)-473-8686


In Home Lessons

  • Teacher travels to student

  • Receive In-Person instruction in the comfort of your home

  • Instructor will travel up to 30 min from base location

  • Piano Lessons: the student must have an appropriate piano or keyboard

  • Voice Lesson: the student is highly encouraged to have a keyboard, music stand, and mirror for the purposes of the lesson. It is required to have an adequate space to conduct the lesson.

  • Songwriting Lesson: The student must have previous experience singing or playing an instrument or be currently enrolled in lessons with ZDR.

  • For pricing and other details please send an email to zdrperformingartsstudio@gmail.com or text/call (786)-473-8686


Online Lessons

  • For students with limited time and travel restrictions (voice and songwriting only)

  • Student must have access to high speed internet and a webcam

  • HYBRID OPTION: optional 4th lesson of the month can be in-person if student lives in the greater Boston area

  • For pricing and other details please send an email to zdrperformingartsstudio@gmail.com or text/call (786)-473-8686

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